Bromley Town Bowling Club – Club Tournaments.


1.    Club Championship:  singles tournament to 21 shots, open entry. Lady’s George Ford Championship

2.    Hospital Cup: singles tournament, scoring 4,3,2,1 for shots within 1yd. to 100 points, open entry. Lady’s Harvey Cup

3.    Centenary Competition: mixed singles tournament to 21 shots, entry limited to players who have not won a singles final on finals day in the past 5.

4.    Nominated Pairs: pairs tournament with a partner of your choice of 21 ends.

5.    Drawn Pairs: pairs competition with partners drawn at random from strength lists of 21 ends. Lady’s Wright Cup

6.    Veterans Cup, Men: singles tournament to 21 shots for players over 65 years of age.

7.    Turner Cup: mixed pairs tournament drawn at random from strength lists of 18 ends (21 ends in the final).

All played on a play by date system throughout the season with the final on finals day with the trophy presented at the annual dinner.

8.    Sperring Cup: four wood singles tournament.

9.    Kurn Cup: two wood singles tournament. (Lady’s Shipley Cup)

10. Cowling Cup: triples tournament drawn at random from strength lists.

11. John Fisk Trophy: mixed triples tournament drawn at random from strength lists.

12. Rayfield Plate, Ladies: One day competition

All one day tournaments with the trophy presented at the annual dinner.


Opening Day and Closing Day: arranged according to the number on the day.


Bank Holiday Mixed Triples: drawn at random from strength lists, names put on availability sheet. Two half day and one full day.


BTBC Ladies: fun afternoon of mixed teams from availability sheets.

Ladies Day: mixed match from numbers on availability lists, followed by a meal for the ladies served by the men in thanks for their work.


Captains and Presidents Day matches arranged from availability lists. {President Day is mixed}


Charity Day: mixed match with two bowlers and two health club members for a day tournament.


LX league: local area league for Men over 60 (LX) years of age, played on Tuesday or Wednesday each week.


NW Kent League: weekly (Thursday) league with promotion and relegation picked as best possible teams of two triples from availability sheets. Both Ladies and Men have two teams in the League.


Finals Weekend: finals of the club competitions arranged. Spectators welcome, refreshments to be arranged each year.


Winter: four indoor matches played against local clubs with mixed teams picked from availability sheets.


Club Sundays and Tuesday evenings: turn up and play.

Friday Aggregate, each Friday afternoon, best six scores during season.


External Competitions: Private Entry Via The Club.


Kents: knockout competitions for singles (badged and unbadged), pairs, triples and fours all of your own choice, played on specific days Mon: badged singles, Tues: pairs, Wed: unbadged singles, Thurs: triples, Fri: fours.  Played in the local area against other clubs on a weekly basis to area finals, then county finals. If you reach the county finals you can make yourself available to play for Kent and on playing your first game are presented with your Kent badge. Lady’s similar but subtly different.


Hospitals Competition: part charity local competitions for singles, pairs, mixed pairs, triples and fours with teams of your own choice. Less formal than the Kents but a good introduction.


External Competitions: Club Entry.


1. National Two Fours: as it says picked for strongest teams.

2. Bert Cox:: county fours knockout competition played as above picked for strongest team.

3. Top Club, both Men and Ladies. Fours, Triples, Pairs and Singles

Played on the same day, knockout.

4. BB and DBA :( Beckenham, Bromley and District Bowling Association) knockout competitions of singles (club champion), pairs (club champions), triples and fours picked for spread of players.

5. Jubilee Cup: knockout fours, local area competition arranged by Beckenham Bowling Club and picked for spread of players.

6. NW Kent K/O Cup, both men and ladies: as league but k/o, strong.

7. Ron Ault Trophy: knockout LX competition, spread.

8. Mollie Cleggett, Ladies: Two rinks, Home and Away, add scores.

9. Belle Trophy, Ladies: Fours, Triples, Pairs and Singles

Played on the same day.